ACBuild | M/WBE Commitment


To our clients, it’s a goal.


To Armand, it’s personal.


Barbara Armand has scaled peaks and valleys over 25 years as a woman and a minority in the construction business, building a track record of delivering superior technical capability at competitive prices.

Armand Corporation “walks the walk,” and M/WBE is deeply ingrained our corporate culture.


proud-mwbe-graphic170That is why at Armand Corporation, we call our M/WBE commitment “ACBuild.”

Armand strives to meet the spirit, as well as the letter, of Section 3 hiring and M/WBE contracting goals. We are here to help our contracted firms meet their obligations, understanding our responsibility to ensure compliance but also to increase the capacity of each Section 3 hire and M/WBE subcontractor through meaningful experience that supports growth and expansion.

When all these goals are met, our clients have successful, compliant contracts. And together we have made real contributions to the capacity-building and success of minorities and women seeking to level the economic playing field in the construction industry.


Click here to download Armand Corporation’s ACBuild brochure.