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As the calendar bridges Black History Month and Women’s History Month, these tributes remind us that diversity is a powerful force, and one that improves the product Armand Corporation delivers as an M/WBE project manager and program manager for the construction sector.

Armand’s 28 years of growth and success under the leadership of an African-American, female President and CEO drive opportunity for the firm. On virtually every project, Armand collaborates with similarly designated firms as project partners, forming strong teams that can also meet the M/WBE performance goals of the client. For less seasoned M/WBE firms, Armand’s culture of mentorship and capacity-building creates increasingly accomplished teams that are primed for larger, more complex projects in the future.

The power of diversity also feeds the economic growth of neighborhoods where we work, putting local residents to work and on the path to wage increases through skill-building and experience.

As the research shows, diverse teams improve results. While the construction industry today may struggle to meet the higher bar this sets for M/WBE participation, particularly within public contracts, Armand is miles ahead. We are, and always have been, a diverse firm offering diverse teams, and reaping in the rewards: new clients, repeat clients, happy clients.

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