Bid Opportunities

NOTE: Proposals will only be accepted from firms previously pre-qualified by NYCEDC  for this opportunity. The list of pre-qualified firms can be downloaded above. If you have not received an invitation to propose for BAT Facade Inspection Safety Program, but wish to be considered for future opportunities, please begin the pre-qualification process by submitting information about your company HERE and registering with ConstructNYC HERE.

The project involves examination the exterior façades of the buildings on the site to identify items of work that may require immediate or intermediate repair as well as to identify items that require on-going maintenance. The scope of work shall include all elements of the exterior walls, with particular regard to identifying structural and moisture intrusion concerns. The proposer acknowledges that the project is subject to the requirements of the NYCDOB Façade Inspection Safety Program and shall be responsible for meeting all associated requirements pertaining to, but not limited to, inspections, report preparation, and filing (Cycle 8). The proposer shall also be responsible for preparing design documents that specify remedial work that may be required.