Bid Opportunities

The East New York Industrial Building is located in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn adjacent to Pitkin Avenue, between Junius and Powell Streets. The East New York Industrial Building contains a one-story building and is used as an industrial space that currently has four tenant operations.  The New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has managed the site since 1993. Currently, the space is divided into two 5,000 sq-ft and two 10,000 sq-ft tenant spaces, and a 30,000 sq-ft open parking area.

Current tenants use includes manufacturing, packaging and import/export.

The requested Scope of Work for this site includes demolition and abatement, façade rehabilitation, HVAC Improvements, Interior Lighting Improvements, window rehabilitation and further subdivision of the existing tenant spaces.

On the exterior of the building, the scope will include rehabilitation of the building façade, windows and perimeter fencing.  Façade rehabilitation will be focused on the building envelope to create a better enclosure and minimize thermal losses across the façade. Windows will be replaced, which will add to the functional improvements to the façade rehabilitation.

Interior work will include HVAC improvements, subdivision of tenant spaces, and lighting improvements.  HVAC improvements are to focus on the building air-conditioning units, specifically providing properly sized units for the current and future layout of the building.  The subdivision work will create a need for additional lighting therefore the budget includes funds for interior lighting improvements.

These improvements will ultimately create a better facility in which current and/or future tenants can maximize the use of the building capabilities to further their operations in East New York.