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Superstorm Sandy damage

Soon after Superstorm Sandy struck hard in 2012, Armand Corporation mobilized to meet the need for damage assessment and repair in the New York metropolitan area. Since then, Armand has developed a strong reputation for providing exacting oversight of the recovery dollars being spent to put homes, businesses and lives back together.

To date, our project and program management teams have delivered more than $55 million in contracted services for projects in New Jersey, New York City, Long Island and upstate New York. These projects incorporate not only disaster recovery, but also resiliency and hazard mitigation – that is, efforts to decrease a building’s or community’s vulnerability to future disasters. Effective resilient construction and hazard mitigation not only saves lives, but also saves money for business, individuals, insurers and taxpayers down the line.

An important aspect of Armand’s work involves assisting clients with balancing the significant pressure to maintain an aggressive schedule as communities yearn to “return to normal” and the equally important conditions and requirements of municipal, state, and federal funding sources. To do this, Armand’s projects enforce a “culture of compliance” from day one with the mandate to be audit-ready at any time. This is accomplished through work processes and reporting methods that advance, rather than inhibit, the work to be done.

Beyond merely providing reporting, Armand Corporation provides incisive, transparent metrics to inspire and drive its project management. These metrics are incorporated into information-sharing that illustrates and explains complex requirements to everyone from project personnel to agency staff to funders to business owners and residents – disaster victims who are often a community’s most vulnerable. Armand understands that all these stakeholders have a vested interest in project completion and all have a role in participating in the progress of a project.

Compliance 101 for Emerging Firms
Armand also brings to its projects a long history of emphasis on local hiring, with the resources in place to identify and properly train businesses and workers from within local communities affected by the disaster.

Smaller subcontractors often gain their first exposure to public agency contracting under Armand and benefit from Armand’s orientation programs for work order contracting, work assignment processes, invoicing and invoicing documentation standards, and periodic compliance reporting required by HUD, FEMA and other agencies exercising jurisdiction over the disaster recovery process. Armand invests in making technical assistants and quality reviewers available to contractors to guide the clarification and correction of incorrect or unclear reporting, invoicing, and other documentation.

These approaches serve the dual goals of every disaster recovery project: to wisely and accurately expend the resources needed to complete the work and to allow all those affected by a disaster to recover as quickly as possible and move on with their lives.


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