Barbara Armand

Barbara Armand

Barbara Armand maintains 100 percent ownership of Armand Corporation as President and CEO. As she daily leads the firm to success in its contracts and expansion through new business, she continually draws on her extensive experience in the engineering and construction industries. Barbara was born and raised in Louisiana, where she picked up a knack and talent for construction from family members active in the industry. Her formal career began in the nuclear power industry in Nebraska and Texas. In 1991, she established Armand Corporation in New Jersey; in 2009, she centralized operations in New York City.

Barbara’s approach is one that pairs the depth of her company’s experience with leadership that demands strict attention to customer satisfaction through diligence, hard work and attention to detail. This strategy has been the foundation of Armand’s success across construction industry sectors. Barbara is closely involved in all projects, traveling among offices and project sites to provide frequent and strong executive oversight for all Armand work.

Barbara believes deeply in “paying it forward” when it comes to her success as a woman and a minority in the construction industry. Whether grooming employees to handle ever-growing responsibilities, or bringing on more fledgling Woman and Minority Owned Small Businesses as project partners, Barbara understands that supporting the success of her associates increases the success and capacity of her company.

Outside of Armand’s business ventures, Barbara also advocates for diversity in competition and outreach to women and minorities in the construction field. She actively contributes to development of M/WBE governmental policy. Barbara also is President of the New York/National Chapter of Professional Women in Construction.



Recent Awards:

2017        Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Women Who Shine Award

2016        Business Outreach Center (BOC) Network, Award for Business Advancement

2016        Long Island Community & Economic Development Award, Minority and Women-Owned Business Award

2016        Diversity in Business Award, Long Island Business News