Strawbridge & Clothier Building

Strawbridge & Clothier Building, 801 Market Street

Role: Prime Construction Manager
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Sector: Public Building, LEED

  • LEED Gold
  • Historic Designation Requirements
  • Relocation of 30+ Government Agencies

Noteworthy: The relocation of the Pennsylvania Department of General Services to 801 Market Street in Philadelphia was a challenging project that required strategic planning, special consideration during construction, and deep understanding of the goals, objectives, and requirements of 30+ departments as well as the Philadelphia Historic Commission (PHC) and the U.S. Green Building Council. As an example, the Historic District Commission and LEED standards required that new interior partitions adjacent to the perimeter wall, which normally separate office spaces, be constructed of glass partitions and transparent office furniture systems. This made the partitions invisible from the outside of the building, thus preserving its historical appearance and simultaneously allowing natural sunlight to penetrate deep into the office, a LEED requirement. Such coordination protected the building’s landmark status while achieving LEED Gold certification, making 801 Market Street the first LEED-certified historic landmark building in Philadelphia, and one of only a handful nationwide at the time.